How Co-Managed Services Can Help Your Business

How Co-Managed Services Can Help Your Business

Co-managed service providers offer a wide range of services to give security, reliability, and stability to your company. Co-managed services offer a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. As a rapidly transforming industry, the business sector has seen many new models of organizational structure and workforce over the years. Rather than the traditional model of a full-time, in-house department, in recent years many organizations have chosen to make use of co-managed services.

Many small-and-medium-enterprises (SMEs) believe that when the business management of an internal staff becomes unable to meet the day-to-day demands of the business, be it because of experience, manpower, or scalability issues, it is best to seek the help of co-managed service providers who already can meet those requirements.

How Do Co-Managed Services Work?

Co-managed services providers offer a wide range of options, from IT support and help desk to high-level strategy and risk management. Co-managed services can also include other services such as preventive & breakdown maintenance tasks and procurement responsibilities. At the same time, the external provider operates under the strategy and direction given by their client. As an example, an American business centered on photography products may face a scalability issue if all their business process are handled in-house. (but can be even more precise) If a company experiences growth in customers and their in-house team may no longer accommodate all the customer inquiries – this would be the best time to outsource so that customer loyalty and experience won’t suffer.

What are the Benefits of Co-Managed Services?

There are many benefits to co-managed services that small-and-medium enterprises can take advantage of, such as:

1. Cost-Savings

Co-managed services serve as an ideal solution for businesses that may not be able to afford a large team of employees at the time.

Let’s say you need help with bookkeeping. You have two choices. One is to hire a full-time accountant; the other is to use a co-managed bookkeeping service. The cheaper option would obviously be the latter. A co-managed service could provide you with the needed services at a much lower rate than what a full-time employee would require.

This can lower the overall costs by leveraging internal staff to provide the primary support, utilizing automation tools provided by the co-managed service provider for many routine tasks, and partnering with the service provider when it makes the most sense to bring in additional outside resources. This is a more cost-effective solution than hiring professionals who may not always be needed in the office.

2. Better Workplace Culture

Managing a full team of employees isn’t easy. It requires almost constant attention. Over time, it can wear a person down, leading to substantial amounts of stress. Co-managed service providers usually have the most optimized working environments and structures that ordinary businesses don’t have which makes them the perfect solution to workplace productivity.

Freeing your internal employees from the burden of repetitive problems and issues while ensuring that the most critical tasks are taken care of by the co-managed service provider helps the former focus better on their assigned tasks. This can boost both their productivity and morale.

3. Easier Scalability

To improve your business growth, you need to adapt to new trends and develop new business strategies. In many circumstances, the technology, personnel, or expertise at hand may fall short of the increasing demands that the business is experiencing as it grows. In such a case, companies can immediately seek help from a co-managed service provider to ease the added pressure and support continued growth.

An organization may typically survive with a small in-house team that is sufficient to meet its day-to-day needs. However, from time to time the company may require specialized technical support or expertise that cannot be provided by their in-house staff. This is usually because their internal team is too small and/or has a different skill set. Therefore, a co-managed service provider can offer much-needed additional resources and expertise.

In a co-managed services arrangement, however, the service provider could take off some routine or specialized work, allowing your internal team to focus their energy on core business processes for your business.

4. State-Of-The-Art Solutions

A co-managed services provider has an extensive network of talent pool to tap into, including a large number of experts and specialists. Therefore, by working with a partner like this, you’ll have access to all the best and latest solutions. Your in-house resources may not be able to provide this.

Simply put, co-managed service providers know what they’re doing. They’ve been providing their respective services for years and know exactly how to integrate them into a new business.

With co-managed services, an organization can benefit from the resources and expertise of a co-managed services provider while maintaining the processes and operational efficiency of their current internal department.

Are Co-Managed Services Right for You?

If your internal department is constantly overworked, then this may be the perfect cost-effective solution for your business needs. Co-managed services can ease your burden by providing only the services you need. For instance, if your company is retooling for extended work from home scenario, the co-managed service provider can provide the tools to effectively manage the remote computers, allowing your internal staff to be able to support your remote staff effectively and keep those remote systems updated and secured.

What’s more, if your internal team is limited in size or experience to carry out certain tasks, co-managed services may be a good fit. In this way, your company can tap into additional expertise on demand.

If you have other co-managed service questions that you want to be answered, learn more from Booth & Partners, a reliable outsourcing & co-managed service provider in the Philippines, trusted by many brands from various industries. Contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your outsourcing questions.

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