Flexible Workspace Solutions for a Hybrid Work Arrangement

flexible workspace solutions

Ever since the pandemic happened, the professional world has seen a rapid acceleration in the transformation of how they do their business. Today, companies across the world are adopting new ways of working, whether it be working remotely or co-working, the future of the office scene is as diverse as it can be. The most popular of these solutions is a hybrid work setup. Flexible workspace solutions bring together all the applications, tools, and resources needed to get any work done and collaborate in a secure as well as personalized area. It meets the needs of the modern hybrid workforce by enabling work to get done more flexibly.


What is a Hybrid Work Setup?

A hybrid workplace setup is a combination of remote and in-office work that offers much-needed support for your team wherever they are. In a hybrid workplace, a team has more autonomy and flexibility to engage with each other and be more productive. A client/company, on the other hand, will get to benefit from a productive, healthy, and stable workforce even when they’re working remotely.


What Characterizes an Effective Hybrid Workspace?

A successful hybrid workspace is one that unifies, secures, and simplifies work. 

Unified by bringing together reliable access to applications of all types, work resources, and workflows across any channel or location—in the office, on the road, or at home. Since a hybrid work setup means that fewer employees will be physically in the office at any one time, you can choose to downgrade to a smaller office space or a desk space lang and save big on overhead costs, while your employees get to cut costs on transportation and food expenses. Secure by protecting the data while maximizing user experience which protects data regardless of the location. Simple by providing an experience that uses automation to guide and streamline work execution. This empowers teams to be productive and engaged by removing friction and busy work so they can perform at their best.


The Benefits of Still Having a Hybrid Workspace

1. Increased Employee Engagement

The more engaged employees are in their work, the better. At many companies, employees find their work is often stalled by having to log into multiple systems, apps, and devices. An intelligent space eliminates these obstacles and distractions, increasing employee engagement.

2. Business Continuity

An effective workspace is one that ensures your company can continue operations even in times of crisis. Employees need to be able to work from anywhere without disruptions in their work. Workspace solutions make this possible by empowering employees to collaborate from any location.

3. Lower Costs

A workspace solution provides an increase in productivity and a reduction in overhead costs. Employees can also enjoy more flexible work by personalizing workflows and creating micro solutions to solve specific problems. A quality workspace solution simplifies managing and securing multiple people and devices for the client as well, including remote data management.

4. Better Security

With the increasing number of people working remotely due to the pandemic, this has brought an increase in the risk for compromised accounts. Permissions and privileges can be a tangled mess when dealing with users in multiple places. A cloud-based intelligent workspace solution improves security by minimizing the range of exposure.


Flexible Workspace Solutions to Accommodate a Hybrid Work Setup

1. Private Office Space

A private office space is a lockable/private room with state-of-the-art biometric security that is located within a shared office facility and exclusively rented to an individual entity. Private offices provide a quiet, confidential, and secure space to work and leave your belongings, while simultaneously allowing you to join in with the wider professional community when you fancy it. Private offices are a cost-effective way of renting commercial space as you only pay for the floor space that you need while enjoying access to communal meeting rooms, internet connection, and breakout spaces.

Private offices come in all sizes, from one person up to 100 people, and most are furnished, internet-enabled, and ready to use upon move-in. Private office spaces are the most desirable type of flexible workspace as they are a brilliant way to combine the community and cost-reducing benefits of coworking while being able to retreat to your own private space when you want to stay focused.

2. Virtual Office Space

A virtual office provides you with a business address and other services that will help your company run smoothly. For instance, you might not have a need for actual physical office space because you do not hire many employees or you tend to work from home. In these cases, a virtual office is the best solution for your business needs. 

If you are looking for a virtual office address in the Philippines, you will find that it can offer its clients a mailing address, phone number, fax services like eFax, telephone answering service, meeting rooms, and more so that they can meet their professional obligations while working remotely. Virtual offices are great for small businesses that require only a minimal presence in a physical location or who work mostly from home.

Virtual office spaces provide an official-looking business address where customers can send important documents while acting as an additional phone number if your business only has a cell phone. Virtual offices also allow you to establish a professional image for yourself and your staff without the need of having a physical office space, which can be quite expensive.

3. Shared Office Space / Co-working Space

A shared office space simply means that it was designed and built to be shared.

In dedicated shared office spaces, you are more likely to find a setup similar to what you would see in coworking spaces today. With open-plan designs and desks for sole workers, these have been created with a community feel and collaboration as the most important factors.

These shared office spaces often have space for small companies or large companies looking to open satellite offices, whilst also accommodating entrepreneurs and freelancers in a coworking-style environment with individual desks.


The Future us Now. You Just Have to Grab It

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, embracing hybrid and tailor-fit workspace solutions can be the best decision for a safe and efficient workspace for your team. With a centralized coworking platform, not only can you manage and assign workspaces to ensure social distancing, but you can better plan the available spaces for optimal space utilization. You will have access to each member’s entry and exit times and the common work areas used, so you can better plan your workspace.

To further implement the best practices of a workspace solution, schedule a call with us or reserve your spaces today.

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